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Ethos - At MMMI, design has always been our foremost inspiration. Although in recent years, we've seamlessly woven sustainability into every facet of our decision-making process. Embracing the ethos of slow fashion, we meticulously craft each element of our designs with utmost intentionality, ensuring they stand the test of time and are cherished for years to come. Profit isn't our driving force; rather, it's the passion to create designs that ignite our customers' enthusiasm and evoke a sense of inspiration, allowing them to explore and embrace facets of their own personality. Our aim is for these pieces to be treasured indefinitely, enriching their lives with every wear.

Fabrics - Since 2022 Our collections are exclusively designed with a growing list of natural and sustainable fabrics including GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton, OEKO-Tex certified Linen, Organic Hemp, GOTS Jersey cotton, Recycled Polyester, Tencel. 

These fabrics are 100% biodegradable or recycled. 

It is our mission to become 100% plastic free over the next year. 

Other Materials - My Mum Made It currently uses recycled plastic buttons although we are merging with recent collections over to 100% natural material buttons including shell and wood. We currently use metal and plastic zippers on many designs although in recent designs we are making an effort to eliminate zippers entirely from our designs and replace these with buttons and tie closures. The woven label is made from 100% organic cotton. The care label is made from PBAT+PLA and is compostable and degradable. 

Packaging Materials - Our dust bags and gift bags are made from 100% GOTS-Certified organic cotton. Our swing tags are made from FSC* eco wood pulp and can be recycled. The product bag is made from PBAT+PLA and is compostable and degradable. Our STANDARD mailer bags are FSC* recycled paper and can be recycled. Our EXPRESS mailer bags are DHL standard packaging and are made from PLA. In the case of an order being large and requiring a box, all of our shipping boxes are made from cardboard which is recyclable.

Manufacturing - We consciously manufacture our products in China and last visited in November 2023. We have worked with our manufacturing team since the beginning days of MMMI when we first met our manufacturing team manger who’s father was an ex seamstress and agreed to sew our first collection. From here our manufacturing team has grown with us and we are able to guide and oversee every step of the way ensuring our workers are paid fairly and work in a safe and clean environment and not under any stressful conditions. Our factories have signed our ethical agreements. Our team in China also manage our warehouse where we ship direct to consumer to avoid any extra gas emissions.

Future - It is our mission to continue our journey further in becoming a more sustainable brand by usage of natural dyes on our materials, continuing to offset all carbon usage, and refining all design elements. We will continue to learn and evolve throughout this process with accountability and transparency.